Ho, Ho, Ho! Countdown timer is on……

40 days til Christmas…..the clock is ticking!

Lets’ get started!

Advent calendar – Cotton bags by Numero74.

Reusable every year and in many other playful occasions during the rest of the year!

Mix of blue


Mix of pink


Now lets’ fill them up with the many goodies available


And now the real surprise!

Just arrived:  new Animal cushions by Numero 74.

Another oneiric collection of gorgeous craftsmanship with an empowering story behind.

Meet Freddy the Octopus


Vicky Swan


Willy Dolphin


Moby Whale


Polly Flamingo



Lights on, Lights off!

No secret how much we miss daylight saving time. Now it’s all about running fast on to the build-up to Christmas and finally new longer days.

Here a few recommendations to improved lighting.

Cloud lamp by Ferm living



A light colour palette for the Nordic design lamps by ferm living. Exquisite  simplicity. Here more choices

My deer lamp


Hot air balloon


Vintage looking clip lamp


We’ll never stop proposing these cute vintage looking lamps that adapt to anyone’s desk without breaking the piggy bank. (also available in a table version)

Night lights

We love night lights and so do children!

Our favourite is the Rabbit one. He can sit on your night table to protect your sleep.


But for the less keen on the big size we have a myriad of super cute small ones at a very reasonable price.

Night light Teddy ( among many others)

A perfect gift and perfect night light for a bit of reassurance with no compromise on good sleep!


Wall decoration lights

We love the evocative feel of these decors perfect on any wall in any room really. We just styled this cozy reading niche for good thoughts only!

Fly me to the moon


And from now on we will share with you a valuable -in our opinion-discovery  we made in our design hunting journey. Sharing is caring and we all want to be good for Christmas!


Marie Ducasse’s refined taste is proven by the selection of items she scouts around Europe and refurbish to contemporary efficiency. We have used her skills to enlighten several rooms with amazing results.

Here something we love:

Murano glass disc chandelier




Into the woods!


It’s that time of the year when days get shorter and temperature starts falling. After such a glorious Summer we want to help you get ready to keep the warmth and your spirits up!


A super soft 100% muslin cotton duvet cover set. Available in many warm hues – including this year Yellow ( AKA the new black!) . Reasonably priced. It lifts everyone’s spirit!


This bunny night light is there to accompany any child through the sweetest dreams. We love it!


We are so used to the renowned decor of all Numero74 accessories there is little to add about it! A small zoo of animals to chose from …..


This giant sticker is easy to apply and to remove should you ever get tired! A great way to decorate a bedroom or playroom


Indulge in the variety of these exquisite wall mounted  felt wool animal heads! Fiona Walker creates these beautiful handmade, full of character accessories in a mini or large size to make a fun and modern statement in any room.


A perfect hide away, cozy corner , a great gift. No child ever gets tired of it!


Last but not least, these baby boots not only keep those tiny feet warm but also provide a perfect entertainment while strolling around!

For more inspiration follow us on



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Learn to love to learn


As the Summer draws to an end, it’s now time to get ready for the new school year . Every child needs his/her own desk where they can gather to learn. Young children tend to do their homework on the kitchen table, in the playroom yet it’s important they learn to sit at a table and focus to make it quick and painless … As they grow it’s more important to have his/her own space away from annoying siblings and TV distraction.



Low table my lovely ballerina £255

Low table for playing and learn how to hold a pen properly! Available in different colours , heights and round shape. Matching stools available as well.


First desk My Little Pupitre £427

A first desk Office style with soft rounded contemporary lines. a perfect combination of design and functionality.



Desk Victor £574

When space is limited but style uncompromisable Victor is a must consider. Width 100cm qualifies it as placeable everywhere while depth 60cm and height 73cm make it suitable up to adulthood.



Desk Hyppolite £620

Smart retro concept for this contemporary desk. Available with legs in different colours to suit your colour scheme.



Desk Honore £815

Sleek design with an astute trick: the top of the desk can slide to hide all modern cables and store stationaries.



Junior desk My Great pupitre £598

The grown up version of My Little Pupitre.



Desk L50 XL £950

A bigger version of this well established Retro desk. Available in different colours . Often a long lead time but certainly worth it.


Last but not least don’t forget the shelves to place books and some decor too!


Shelving system Marcel £40



Wall Shelf Babou £36




Skateboard shelf  £70



Wall Shelf Babou x 3   £65