Project nursery : don’t panic

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Embark in the wonderful journey of having babies with imagination, colour, delight and …..functionality!

Look no further. Here is a list of practical, original and stylish essential items for your nursery.

Moses Basket Top S001 Low Def

1.Moses basket £135

A moses baskets is not only beautiful but it’s an easy way to carry your baby around and do not feel as if your life has reached an irreversible halt. These baskets are also available in a small doll version for jealous siblings or for an original gift. (see our toys&gifts section)


2. Louise cradle £440

Available in a wide range of  colours – or with your own fabric – Louise cradle folds so you can easily move it around and bring it with you on holiday. It lullabies your baby comfortably up to 6 months.


Alice Grey ambiance copy

3. Alice cot bed £765

Alice cot bed is available in solid white wood or with upholstered headboard and footboard. Offered in a wide range of fabric colours – or you can choose your own-. When the rascal is ready to climb over, you can remove one side and stop worrying about needless head bumps. Last but not least, when your toddler moves into a single bed it can become a nice sofa, just add a few cushions!Diego New Product shot copy4. Diego chest of drawers  £850

A changing table is a must have as you will be changing nappies for a while. Our advise: chose a chest of drawers that will last beyond nursery time! Diego has an adaptor to hold the changing mat that you can remove later. Linear, contemporary, timeless.

cotton-clouds-wallpaper-sea-green copy

5. Wall paper clouds  £160

Just even one wall, but do not underestimate the warmth that wallpaper can add to the room. We love Bartsch wallpaper. It brings back into fashion the excellence of traditional craftsmanship by designing chic and dreamy collections for children.


6.Cot bumper  from £59

Doctors nowadays say not to use cot bumpers but please don’t forget to use your common sense. Babies start moving in their sleep quite soon and nobody wants he/she to bump the head.


7.Changing mat cover by Numae £54

Changing mats need to be disguised as they never look pretty in their original state. Some coordination with the rest of the items on your changing table is aesthetically pleasing! Numae offers a whole range of coordinated nursery essentials.


  1. Travel essentials from £39

Travel in style. Don’t look overwhelmed, at least disguise it as much as you can!



9. Night lamp £99

A soft and highly decorative lamp to prevent the fear of darkness by stylist/designer Fanni Chambas. Available in different shapes ( cloud, star, half moon) . We love them all!



Spring cleaning : a place for everything!


Spring is slowly but surely approaching, it’s time to tackle those overflowing closets, playroom and bedrooms! Once sorted the items the conventional way here are a ways to store/organise them in style

Matthieu Ice blue RES1. Matthieu coffre by Bobo Kids £395

If space is at a premium, consider dual-purpose furniture to increase storage and an appearance of order. Matthieu coffre (box) can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics (or you can provide your own) to match the room’s colour scheme. Its seat actually opens up to store all sorts of things you need to have handy but you do not want to see wondering about. It can be placed at the bottom of a bed, under a bow window, in an entrance hall… It also comes in a smaller square version called Henri

paniers pompom2. Rattan basket £35

Baskets are always an easy movable solution to store all those toys, crafts, and Lego collections. Here is a funky version of new baskets with cool but not overwhelming embroideries or pompom. Suitable for any room. Available in different sizes.

shelves pink

3. Wall shelf Babou from £36

Collections, favourite items, frames cannot be meddled with all those bits and pieces. They deserve a place to be displayed. We love the retro feel of its linear design. Available as a set of 3 or as a single shelf.

spring cleaning

4. Set of 3 Rain drops hooks by Rose in April £38

Children seem to have a hard time understanding gravity. When you let something go it will fall down! We can’t defy gravity unless we go in space! If placed at children’s height you may be able to teach them good habits early on!

lecons de chose

  1. Skateboard shelf with light £95

Keep the desk tidy or replace a roomy night table. Shelf space and light at once with a funky look of a skateboard. Natural wood and red cable!


  1. High bed with containers steps by Asoral Room planner £1450

Think big, think long term. A high bed that not only allows you to have a lot of extra storage underneath for desk, bookshelf or just a chill out space but for once comfortable steps to go up with storage incorporated. Asoral is always so creative with its definition of spaces! drawer) . Mix and match colours and don’t forget it’s almost bespoke. Just give us the dimension of your space and we’ll define the best solution for you.